Sofia excursions allows its guests to discover the majestic cliffs overlooking the sea, quiet and pristine coves and caves hidden by the blue sea.                 One way to see it from another point of view Polignano a mare and along its coasts lulled by the waves of the sea with the possibility to dive in its crystalline waters. For those who love the night Sofia Excursions allows to visit the coasts after sunset.
Our excursions will transform your boat trip into an unforgettable experience.

Cave excursions

The many caves, the spectacular gorges and the “Lame” are the most unique natural beauty of the landscape Polignano. Among the inlets that have outlet on the upper rocky coast is the most famous Lama Monachile. Turning in a boat you can venture towards the cave of the Guardian, the cave of the Swallows, the cave of the Doves and in that of Thieves. Among all the “Grotta Ardito” stands out for its unique beauty.The most striking, considered the “queen”, is the Grotta Palazzese. There are about forty sea caves, many of which can be visited by boat. The coast of Polignano a Mare is also dotted with coves characteristics. These rocky coves formed since ancient harbors and natural shelters for small boats of fishermen. The coves of Polignano a Mare have become, over the years, bathing places frequented by tourists and bathers. The uniqueness of these bays is the presence of pebbles, of very small pebbles and rocks which rest gently in the crystal waters of the sea. The most famous and popular are the Ponte dei Lapilli, Cala Paura, Grottone, Pietregea and the whole stretch of coast between the “Scoglio dell’eremita” and Torre Incina.

Boat tour

 A touristic route along the coast   Grotta Palazzese or Cave Palace: Named since the Marquis Leto, feudal lords of Polignano, included it in the early eighteenth century in the family property, the Palazzese cave is a bit ‘unmistakable landmark. The Palazzese is the largest of all the coastal caves. You can access the cave […]